Video Management Systems

Enabling Enterprises to transition successfully from a reactive to proactive security posture.

Business Challenges

Managing large enterprises with multiple access points

Lack of Compatibility


Standalone surveillance processes

Security concerns

Surveillance of critical and sensitive areas within an enterprise


Fidrox partner solution offers unique OEM solution that consolidates the monitoring of surveillance cameras into a single and centralized platform

Integrates with multiple VMS instances

Custom Integration solutions developed for OEM products.

All camera mapping synced in real time.

Integrated with Access Control.

Integrated with Visitor Management, Enterprise Applications.

Surveillance workflow- offering enterprise-grade reliability.

Virtual secure area, motion detection, loitering detection, safety gear detection and more


Ease of operations
Dual streaming capabilities
Addition of intelligence to routine tasks and more.
Management of evidence of incidents (with Linked chain of multiple streams)
Real-time alerts to events
Rapid search
Loitering detection
Enhanced security - today & tomorrow!

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