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Fire Safety

Fidrox Fire safety Solutions enable organizations to take precautions, procedures, and measures to prevent fires and ensure the safety of individuals and property.

Business Challenges

Fire hazards from Electrical malfunctions or equipment failure

Improper handling of flammable materials or Human errors.

Routinely assess your workplace for potential fire hazards.

Mitigate Fire Impact


Reduce the risk of injury to employees and customers through fire detection systems including conventional panels, centrally controlled fire alarm systems, wireless detection systems.

New age fire alarm and extinguishing technology used to minimize damage.

Quick actions to reduce the impact of Fire hazard by triggering of Inert Gas Extinguishers & sprinkler systems.

Establish Fire Safety and Prevention plan

Customised contingency plans that meets the compliance of your business needs

Initial design, supply, and installation, to ongoing maintenance and centrally controlled monitoring of Smoke detectors, fire detectors, and sensors we help protect!


Creating a safe and secure environment
Compliant and Intelligent Fire and Security solutions
Quick installations
Protect people, assets and premises

Talk with an Expert!

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing system or build your safety protocols from scratch, Fidrox combines expertise with the best technology to give you assured peace of mind.

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