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ID Card Life Cycle has never been easier!

Business Challenges

Issuing ID Cards on Day-1 on employee Onboarding

Customized templates according to Company Branding

Handle Loss of Employee Cards

Integration with HRMS / Onboarding / Enterprise Applications

ID Card Print Request Generation, Printing and Dispatch

Auditing of ID Cards upon Issue, Biometrics Capture

Integration with ID Card Inventory management

Integration with Access Control

ID Cards with Access management & governance

Integration with Logistics / Transportation for Card delivery


Employee ID Card Lifecycle Platform that is simple and easy to use

Customisable templates with Company Branding

Solution integrated with enterprise application [Onboarding, card inventory, access control, dispatch]

Role-based Application access with active directory integrations


Streamline ID card related HR Operations
Increased Productivity
Centralized card printing for global operations
Policy Compliance
Real-time card and asset tracking
Process Automation
Enterprise Integrations

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