Unified platform for IAM applications

Business Challenges

Need from operational perspective to converge with physical and logical subsystems

Automating IAM ecosystem for ease of operations and policy implementation

Managing Large User Identities across multiple business locations

Manage Employees / Non-Employees / Visitors

User Access Management based on gender, role, shift, & time

Compliance according to Organization’s rules and regulations

Integration Issues within the enterprise [HRMS, AD, SCM, BMS]

Hybrid PACs support & hardware agnostic

Legacy Migration

ID Card Asset Management

Multiple Credentials support (RFID Card, Blue Tooth Card, Facial Recognition, IRIS / Biometrics)


SecoreX is Single Application Platform with an integration framework that handles all Visitors, Employee and User Identities of Enterprise

Solution integrated with Enterprise Application: AD, HRMS, Onboarding, Heterogeneous Access Control systems, Travel Portal, Attendance, Billing System, Building occupancy

Integration Platform enables plug-and-play for any ACS and Enterprise applications that takes care of any in-bound or out-bound data exchange seamlessly

SecoreX Centralized platform unifies and integrates data and applications across hybrid IAM landscape.

One-click ID Cards print & burn


Role based Access Governance
Enhanced Security
Increased Productivity
Digital Transformation
Enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and ease of administration.
Improved Log Management

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