Visitor Management Systems

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Business Challenges

Visitor Pre-Registration with Approval Workflow

Time Consuming Visitor Check-in and Pass issuance process

Group visitors handling, Approval workflow, Check-in/Check-out Tracking

Day-2-day Visibility of Expected Visitors, Overstayed Visitors, and Visitors staying inside

Visitor Assets declaration, tracking

Data Privacy and Protection Compliance

Enterprise integration, Active Directory Integration

Visitor Tracking and Access Control Integration

Restricting entry to blacklisted visitors

Handling Contractors, Temp-Workers and Multi-day visits

Visitor Analytics


Visitor pre-registration & authentication with Approval workflow, QR Code based

Visitor Self registration kiosks / Tab based / Adhoc-Checkin

Notifications to host, security and visitor during the lifecycle of visit management.

Tracking of visitors in real time

Group visit handling with bulk upload

Centralized Visitor watch list management

Visitor Type based policies, access rules, notifications

Real-time operational dashboards and reports

Detailed audit reports of visitor flow across locations.

Bulk upload for master data (Host-Employees, Vendors, locations, etc.,)

Customizable, configurable badge templates, notification messages

API based integration for Employees, SMS and Emails

Data security, encryption and policy compliant


Visitor Pre-Registration, Approval workflow, Visitor Identification Validation, Tab Based, QR Code based
No Long Queues and wait times, better visitor experience
Realtime Visibility of Daily Visitor Management
Customizable Badges, Customizable notification messages
Daily, Short Term and Long-Term Badge handling
Digital logbook, Visitor Asset Tracking, Extensive Reporting and Real Time Dashboards
Enterprise Integration, Access Control Integration, Active Directory Integration for Application Role Based Access
API, Secured Data Exchange between integrated systems, Data Protection and Data Privacy Compliant
Blacklisting, Protection from Unauthorized visitors

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