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Physical Access Control system Connectors

Business Challenges

Manual and repetitive actions in respective Access Control Applications

Knowledge and Skills retention

OEM Certifications

Lack of Enterprise integration

Complexity of Enterprise Integration

Solution (Fidrox SecoreX Connector)

Manage Card Holders [Create/Modify/Delete], Manage Card holder status based on business rules and workflows

Create Card / Credentials with Facility Code and Type (28-Bit, 35-Bit, 45-Bit, Proxy and so on)

Associate Card / Credentials with Card Holder, update card status based on defined business rules and workflows

Manage Access Life Cycle [Provision and De-provision Assign/un-Assign: Access Profiles / Clearances to Card Holder]

Extract swipe and other system events

Push it to downstream for Attendance processing, reporting, raising alerts / alarms, send email notifications, dashboarding and other MIS needs

Fidrox Connector is offered as a platform to enable heterogenous PACS system integration with Secure API or Database connectivity methods.

How Organizations Benefit?

Single Platform -
End-to-End Automated Solution

SecoreX PACS Connector offers single platform to connect with Heterogeneous PACS system like (Genetec, Ccure, Kantech, etc) over Secure API or Database connection methods.

ID Lifecycle Card Holder

Based on the configured business rules and workflows. 

  • Card Holders will get created on the respective type (Employee/Visitor/Contractor]
  • Card Holders Attributes will get updated, and status can be modifying as per rule.
  • Card Holders records will be deleted on separation.


  • Created in the specific card format and type which is preconfigured in PACS system (28-Bit, 35-Bit, 45 Bit)
  • Modified the status of the card as per business rule.
  • Associate/Un-Associate with Cardholder
  • Deleted the card when it is no longer required.

Access Management

The access will be provisioned and de-provisioned to the card holder based on the business rule, schedule.

Swipe Consolidation

The Access swipes will get extracted based on door or custom attribute or all and push it to the downstream system for Attendance processing, Reporting, Dashboarding, raising Alerts/Alarms, Trigger notification over email or other options and MIS needs.


Complete Automated, Business workflows
Seamless and quick provisioning of Card Holders and their access granting/revoking
Enterprise Integrated
No human dependency
Process controlled

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