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Cyber Security

Fidrox builds Industry vertical-specific cyber security resilient programs to address the business of Information security. 

Business Challenges

Automated training and awareness with respect to end users.

Shadow IT challenges pertaining to IT inventory.

Incident response plan and regulatory Compliance

Risk Prioritisation.

Breach prediction.

Data analytics.

Dark and Deep web monitoring.


ZTNA, CASB, XDR, MFA, VAPT, Security Compliance audits, Application Security and threat intelligence services

Prepare, Respond and Fortify cybersecurity practises.

Help you understand your environment, evaluate your applications & facility.

Create, enforce, and continuously update personnel security policy.

Service offerings

Security Training and Awareness

Security Consulting and advisory Services

IAM services

Cloud Security Services

Mobile Security Services

Threat hunting Services

Data privacy and Compliance Services


Defend against cyber threats.
Preventing IT dependencies.
Business efficiencies.
Managed detection and response
Secured Cloud connections.
Immediate response and recovery against visible threats

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