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Time & Attendance Reporting

Business Challenges

Complex, time-consuming Shift Scheduling, Shift Rostering

Handling of Dynamic shift change, accommodating adhoc shift changes

Real time Attendance Tracking, Late punch tracking and Absentees visibility

Integration with Access Control Systems

Integration with Leave Management, Payroll and HRMS / Contractor Mgmt Systems

Manual Generation of Statutory / Compliance reports

Flexible Reporting

Audit of complete administrative and application actions.


HRMS/CLMS integrated Shift Scheduling application

Shift handling in Batch or Single person, optionally Bulk upload method

Real time integration with Access Control system for access provisioning / de-provisioning

Dashboards for Shift attendance, Late entries and absentees

Integration with Leave Management, Compliance applications

Active Directory integration for Application Role based access

Complete Audit Trail for all shift management actions

Automated Generation and Reports, Overtime Report

Customizable report generation of all Statutory forms


Enterprise integrated Time and Attendance Application with upstream and downstream.
HRMS/ CLMS / Payroll / Compliance applications
Hassle free shift scheduling for employees, contractors and all work forces
Active Directory integration for Application Role based access
Management Dashboards
Real time Integration with Access control for access provisioning and swipe records processing.
Complete real time visibility of Shift attendance, Late entries and absentees
Availability of historical attendance data for 7+ years as per statuary needs
Online availability of all audit actions
Flexible, Customizable reports.

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