Airport Solutions

Did You Know? The number of passengers transported by airlines will reach 8.2 billion by 2037!

With the rapid growth in passenger traffic across the globe, it is imperative for airport authorities to leverage technology to decongest traffic as well as improve overall operational efficiency. 

Fidrox Airport Solutions  drastically saves passenger check in time, manage passenger congestion and enhancing the overall passenger experience.

Airports have a compelling need to dynamically change contractors to operate in different security zones for various reasons. We adapt to these changes by effectively implementing FRS technology by Fidrox which enhances security, avoidance of dependency on human errors, and ensuring flexibility and effective management of airport security operations. 

Modern technology solutions are needed for the easy processing of passengers and baggage while addressing the growing need for security at Airports. With Fidrox Airport IT Solutions, uplift passenger experience and promote secure practices. 

Standalone Solution

Automation of passenger validation process at airport entry, Automation of passenger validation process at security point

Integrated Solution

Integrating with Airlines Departure Control Systems to obtain passenger manifest data

Technology Option

Biometric Solution using Finger Print, Biometric Solution using Facial Recognition 

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