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Visitor Management System FVmx-500

Visitor Management System - FVmx-500

Many solo organizations or those who form a part of conglomeration of companies in a huge business park, set up over large acres of area with multiple entry and exit points and housing multiple companies are constantly faced with the challenge of tracking visitors coming in and going out.

Visitor Identity Manager

Visitor Identity Manager manages all types of physical identities and automates the entire visitor identity management lifecycle. It is a state-of-the-art, enterprise-class web-based solution and is accompanied by many attractive features such as face recognition capabilities that make visitor management in enterprise seamless with minimal overheads. 



  • Global, Policy-based Management of Visitors
  • Integration Capabilities with Internal and External Systems
  • Kiosk for Self-Service
  • Integrated Watch List Management

Key Features

  • Visitor Pre-Registration and cancellation with email alerts to hosts, security personal and visitors
  • Integrate with Corporate Systems like HRMS, MS exchange server.
  • Create Visitor E-Pass/Paper Pass with Complete Details
  • Integration with PACS systems to automate/assign access rights and track visitor movement.
  • Maintain Visitor Database to manage recurring visits, bulk import for visiting groups etc
  • Front desk automation for visitor validation, check in, check out and background verification
  • Generate Visitor Dashboards & Reports