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Productivity Management

Productivity Management - Spoxa


Communication tools are revolutionary and meant to make communication easy, but, its overwhelming expansion and dependence becomes a burden beyond belief.

We make it easy with Spoxa by achieving inbox zero and peace of mind.



Aids core emailing

  • Find Attachments
  • Tag Thoughts to Email
  • Extract Contacts
  • Store Emails
  • Alert ‘Reply All’

Varied, Independent, enterprise productive features

Delivering value with communication

Pen Thoughts

  • Enables to immediately tag your thoughts, as they flow, while writing an email
  • An additional feature is the ‘Explore Thoughts’ feature which allows to revisit any thought which would have been tagged earlier.

Attachment Explorer

  • Spoxa locates the mail attachment and filters it based on its type viz. word, excel etc.
  • Accesses the corresponding mail to view the mail attachment and downloads/stores the mail attachment
  • Shares / sends one or more mail attachment(s)

Bundle Mails

  • Through this unique feature, Spoxa allows a user to select a set of emails needed and save them in an appropriate file format​

Extract Contacts

  • The ‘Extract Contact’ option from Spoxa extracts all the email-ids from the list of emails present in the e-mail folder. It also supports in grouping those e-mail ids by domain names, sends an email / Mail merge to the extracted contacts and finally exports the data to the address book, CSV or store/share Vcard.