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Intelligence Video Analytics

Intelligent Video Analytics

Real world Video analytics hold a great promise to extract meaningful and actionable intelligence from video streams. However, eliminating false alerts, accuracy of the analytical results and cost of maintaining such systems have been a challenge.

A partner product solution from Fidrox for Intelligent Video Analytics helps security and public safety organizations develop comprehensive security, intelligence, and investigative capabilities using video. In addition advanced search, redaction and facial recognition analytics can be performed to find the relevant images and critical information across multiple video files from multiple types of cameras. Selected live-streaming cameras plus pre-recorded video ingestion from both fixed cameras and cameras in motion are supported.

The Intelligent Video Analytics based installation includes these functions for live streaming, fixed cameras

Real time alerts to call attention to events
Rich content-based indexing to find critical images and patterns
Standards-based open and extensible architecture

Optional capabilities extend the solution:

  • Ingestion of pre-recorded videos from both fixed cameras and cameras in motion. With ingested video files, analysts can extract critical information and find relevant images faster, which may help accelerate investigations
  • Automated intelligent redaction
  • Advanced facial recognition to aid lead generation and risk assessment
  • Advanced people search capabilities based on cognitive analytic

Functionalities of the Video Analytics System

  • Real-time alerts to call attention to events
  • Advanced search
  • Rapid searching for persons of interest
  • Face capture and recognition
  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection
  • Vehicle Monitoring
  • People Counting
  • Loitering Detection