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Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management

The process of Employee Authentication forms a very critical part of the security infrastructure. Authentication is the process of recognizing a user’s identity on credentials (user id and password). A strong authentication process is a combination of two distinct activities; Identification and Authorization. The Identification phase provides a user identity to the security system which searches all the abstract objects that it knows and finds the specific one of which the actual user is currently applying. Once this is done, the user has been identified. The identification phase is limited to identifying a particular user only. But whether the user is actually entitled to do what he is presently doing is a different question altogether. This is where the process of Authorization comes into picture which actually verifies whether the user actually has the access to do the particular job.

Management Platform

An authentication server is a type of network server that validates and authenticates remote users or IT nodes connecting to an application or service. It ensures that only authorized and authenticated nodes are provided access to the server, application, storage or any other IT resources behind the authentication server. Aimed towards delivering a secured, internet based applications and services to enterprise IT establishments and the corporate fraternity, Fidrox Technologies introduces a perfectly thought about solution which can fit any organization, including banks and financial organizations and simplifying ways to manage the authentication process of their employees, partners and customers.

Comprehensive Secured Access

Our solutions are aimed at delivering a secure, sturdy, centralized and consistent access to virtually any resource from SSL VPNs to cloud based applications. The additional facility to be linked to any web based application via an SOAP API allows server modification (an SDK is available on demand for smooth function of this integration). Additionally, when this solution is paired with IDENTIKY federation server, the Authentication server gives a seamless SSO (Single Sign on) for web based applications via SAML.

Complete Authentication Support

This is where our solution excels in terms of offering complete and extensive Authentication support.
  • Multi factor authentication with OTP
  • Challenge / Response
  • Push Notifications
  • e- signatures
  • Cronto and Bluetooth technologies
  • Digital pass ( for Mobile)
  • Digital pass for Web( Zero footprint)
  • Digital pass for Hardware
  • Digital pass for Software
  • OOB(Out of Band) OTP delivery (SMS, E-mail etc)

Centralized Installation and Management

This solution is accompanied by all the necessary accessories for a simple and centralized management system. With an exclusive and inbuilt installation wizard to guide you through the installation process, this single web based administration interface which can be accessed from any browser, from anywhere on the network, allows for a simplified remote administration and management process. That’s not all. The presence of a Helpdesk dashboard further simplifies the process thereby giving quick and relevant information to the user, and generate reports on demand.

Scalable Architecture

Our solution has the capacity to enhance the number of users without affecting the existing IT infrastructure. The ability to run on multiple platforms with provisions to support large deployments and deliver redundancy proves the potential, this solution possess.

Hassle Free Rollout

With a flawless ability to run on any given infrastructure and independent of any dedicated servers or appliances, our meticulously designed solution provides all the tools an administrator will require to ensure a smooth rollout / migration from existing system. The presence of built-in, automated deployment functionality reduces support and help desk requirements to a large extent.

Self-Management Website

This is a unique solution which is aimed at giving the end user a complete and satisfactory experience. The self-management website which comes along with the shipment enables the user to assign hardware and software DIGIPASS all by themselves. Additionally, they can also unlock their account, update the pin and password and test the login process in a very simple way.