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Covid Fever Scanning Solution

COVID - Fever Scanning Solution

Organizations across the globe are now poised with the challenge of functioning as safe and secure as possible amidst the global pandemic. They need to incorporate newfangled technology solutions to make sure that they are able to manage and contain people when they return to work in large numbers.

Other than having just an Identity Verification and Normal Visitor Management System, they also need to have a Thermal Detection solution or a Fever Scanning Solution that can raise alarms if any employee seems to be unwell and can be a potential threat to the safety at the workplace.  A strong  Fever Scanning Solution by Fidrox can potentially scan temperatures of employees with its revolutionary thermal camera, create data banks for predictive analysis, and intelligently set up ways to carry out seamless communication for any incident. The aim is to boost security with thermal detection and enhance investigative capabilities using video intelligence.

Scans fever of Employees Before Allowing Access to the Workplace

Triggers Alerts & Notification via SMS/Email

Meets compliance

How Fidrox’s Fever Screening Solution Works

Fidrox’s non-invasive and fast Fever Scanning Solution integrates with Attendance Management Systems, Access Control Solutions, Visitor Management Tools to check the eligibility of an employee to get access to the workplace. The camera uses visual and digital facilitation techniques to detect the face and the temperature of employees. If the temperature is within safe limits, the application software integrated with it sends alerts and notifications via E-mails and SMS, creates reports, and allows entry to the workplace. The solution is also capable of analyzing people in groups and scans temperature for mass entry with its PiP mode.

Fidrox focuses on boosting authentic and transparent communications to allow the seamless flow of functioning of the organization. We deliver a well-equipped Fever Scanning Solution that can rapidly understand the nature and scale of the ‘Change Impacts’ across the workforce. It uses its digital tools to gather data and insights across the organization in order to address the real concerns of the employees in a much better way. 

Solution Functionalities

  • Quick and responsive thermal camera & sensors for non-intrusive temperature measurement of People
  • Visual Camera to capture images
  • Alarms & Notifications for fever and to follow SOPs
  • Integration to Command Control Centre
  • Inputs to Enterprise Access Management Software and Enterprise Workflow
  • Regulatory and Compliance reports
  • Real-time data availability for Dashboard
  • Predictive Analytics 

Capabilities and Advantages of Fidrox’s Fever Scanning Solution

  • Provide Faster & Reliable Assessment
  • Accurate system for mass screening
  • Robust and scalable
  • Non-Invasive
  • Easy installation and simple interface
  • Integration to Enterprise Applications like Access Control & ICCC
  • Dashboard & Reports
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Trigger Alerts & Notification via SMS/Email