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Contractor Management System

Contractor Management


Hiring independent contractors with specialized skills is becoming the most preferred option for most companies. Facilities/Personnel department in a corporate are facing the challenging task to manage contractors from multiple companies, vendors, service providers and allow their authorized administrators/sponsors to manage their employees in a secure way.


  • Identity Management of Contractors and Non-Employees
  • Multilayer / multi-level access authorization approval
  • Workflow for on-boarding, off-boarding & approvals against purchase orders
  • Seamless integration with enterprise systems
  • Regulatory, Information Security and Data Privacy Compliant

Key Features

  • Complete control of contractor, contractual staff life cycle, Easy & efficient contract management
  • Integration with HRMS, SAP, PACS etc., lead to efficient use of these resources
  • Adherence to security processes compliance
  • Protection from unauthorized physical access (Access control based on Biometrics)
  • Role based Application Management and control
  • Tracking and Audit Trail, Compliant to Audit Norms
  • Extensive Dashboard / reporting capabilities.
  • Badging