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Command & Control Center

Command & Control Center

Organisations today deploy diverse technology systems for Access Control, Surveillance and Integrated Building management. The changing nature of security and risk drives organizations to build private command centres to gather intelligence, analyse data and evaluate threats. A centralised, security operations centre is a critical component of any security and risk mitigation program, enabling rapid and effective response to a variety of risks or security situations


The process of integrating data from disparate security devices and systems has been a growing need and its importance has been a challenge for integrators and end-users. To achieve the ideal level of awareness to ensure robust security practices that effectively mitigate risk, organizations require solutions that can consolidate multiple data points into a single solution. Central Command Centre Solution (CCCS) is designed to serve as the central clearing house for communication between multiple platforms and edge devices and present them as a unified interface to drive enhanced levels of awareness.

A partner product solution from Fidrox for integrated command and control centre integrates the following typical systems in any large organisation.

  • Access Control & Intrusion
  • CCTV and Video Intelligence
  • Perimeter Detection Fence Sensors & Electronic Fences
  • Integration to BMS systems
  • Control of Gates, Barriers, Bollards
  • Public Address
  • Digital Intercom Systems
  • Guard Patrol
  • Digital Recording Systems

Integrated Situational Awareness System