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Biometric Face Recognition – FaceX

Biometric Face Recognition - FVx-500

The new-age Face Recognition System, FVx-500 crafted by the experts caters to enterprise-grade security compliance. The solution offers advanced Enterprise-Grade Authentication and Access Control for Superior Identity Management and Accentuated Security. It integrates seamlessly with existing complex enterprise infrastructure and ensures multi-face detection and tracking, with real-time notifications. This advanced technology can be used for crime prevention, video surveillance, person verification, and similar security activities across many businesses.


Fidrox combines technology with brilliance in coming out with an excellent Face Recognition System with following core features.

  • Face detection
  • Face identification
  • Face verification

In addition to the above features the system will also support the additional features given below to make it a complete Human analytics system.

  • Emotion analysis (joy, surprise, sadness, fear, anger, and disgust).
  • Demographics (age, gender, ethnicity, attention, dwell, glances, blinks, facial features, glasses).
  • Multi-face detection and tracking.

Face recognition System from Fidrox scores above the other products with following advantages.